Isabella Whitfield (b. 1998; Centreville, VA) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Virginia, working primarily in sculpture and site-responsive installation. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture and Politics from the University of Virginia, she completed a postgraduate year as an Aunspaugh Art Fellow. Whitfield’s fabrication process adopts repetitive motions, testing physical endurance through mundane performative actions. 

By abstracting object materiality, she examines the internal disassociation that arises when intended purpose contradicts actual functionality. Inspired by contemporary artifacts, religious architecture, and commonplace tools, her work is quietly precise, inviting viewers to confront the familiar with a sense of alienation. Whitfield exhibits primarily in the DMV and has been a resident artist with Penland, Anderson Ranch, Ox-Bow, Pyramid Atlantic, and VisArts Richmond. She is currently a Papermaking Associate at Pyramid Atlantic. Whitfield is a 2022–2024 Hamiltonian Artists fellow.

Artist statement

Isabella Whitfield’s artistic practice encompasses site-responsive installation, papermaking, sculpture, and landscaping. She makes meditative, performative work that considers the contradictory relationships between the environment, physical homeland, human labor, and historical object functionality. Whitfield’s projects often contain an act of collaborative generosity, inviting the viewer to become part of the work through physical immersion or participatory artistic creation.

The process of creating installations adopts motions of repetitive labor, often presenting a challenge of physical endurance through performative digging, measuring, and stitching. Incorporating both ephemeral materials and sacred geometries, her work hinges on fragile precision and is expected to formally deteriorate over time. The inevitable decomposition of materials echo notions of life cycles and renewal; examining continuous de/reconstruction of self.

Current Exhibition

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July 6–August 10, 2024

Primarily working with paper and metal, Whitfield renders safety equipment, tools, and other utilitarian objects. Through her use of color, material, and repetition, the artist…

Past Exhibition


September 30–November 4, 2023

WiP! showcases works in progress, sketches, studies, and material tests, alongside finalized works, in an effort to spotlight the artistic process and inspire viewers and…

Past Exhibition

Kinetic (2023)

September 30–October 14, 2023

Kinetic is an art lending and sales program that supports artists and cultivates the next generation of collectors to create a healthy and sustainable arts…

Past Exhibition (2023)

February 4–March 11, 2023

“,” our annual group exhibition, debuts the work of Hamiltonian’s distinguished 2022–2024 fellows—artists Misha Ilin, Madyha J. Leghari, Edgar Reyes, Abed Elmajid Shalabi, and Isabella…

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