Kinetic is a dynamic program rooted in Hamiltonian Artists’ mission to nurture community and increase access to opportunity for emerging artists.

Kinetic members are given exclusive access to a catalog of original artworks to borrow or purchase. All proceeds will contribute to building more sustainable arts ecosystem in the greater DC area by directly benefiting Kinetic artists and Hamiltonian Artists’ programs.

What are the membership benefits?

The program allows members to borrow artwork for a three-month period before committing to purchase. For new collectors, this opportunity to live with art may encourage them to form new, lasting connections with DC area artists and the broader art world.

Additional Kinetic benefits include intimate programs around and about supportive collecting practices including artist studio and collector visits, talks on inventory management and insurance, handling and installing artwork, and more—all aimed at making art collecting easier and more transparent.

How does Kinetic support artists?

All artists are paid a participation fee, 50% of rental fees, and 60% of sales. Artists and collectors gain exclusive access to a community interested in sustaining the visual arts in the DC area.

Why a membership fee?

By paying a membership fee, you help to underwrite Kinetic, the fellowship program, and operations at Hamiltonian Artists. Thank you.

2023 Artists

Andy Martinelli Clark
Amber Cruz
Kyrae Dawaun
Dan Talib Latif Flounders
Erin Fostel
Isa Gold
Misha Ilin
Wayson R. Jones
Ali Kaeini
Nilou Kazemzadeh
Giulia Livi

Jonna McKone
Caroline Minchew
Hien Nguyen
Danni O’Brien
Katie Peck
Edgar Reyes
Matthew Russo
Eleanor Mahin Thorp
Tavon Taylor
Isabella Whitfield

2024 Programming

  • How Do You Buy Art? Auctions, Galleries, Advisors, and Artists
  • The Studios at Hamiltonian Artists
  • Cocktails and Collecting at a Private Collection
  • How Do You Define/Frame Your Collection?
  • Gallery Visits
  • Cocktails and Collecting at a Private Collection
  • Artist Studio Visits
  • Maintaining and Insuring Your Collection
  • Cocktails and Collecting at a Private Collection
  • Kinetic Launch Party