Past Exhibition

Kinetic (2023)

September 30–October 14, 2023

The second catalogue of Kinetic debuted with an exhibition at Hamiltonian Artists. We asked current Hamiltonian Artists fellows to share their work and to nominate other artists they admire to participate. The exhibition was organized by Hamiltonian Artists Executive Director Lily Siegel, Gallery Associate and Artist Liaison Jonathan Bella, and Gallery Intern Sandy Cheng.

“This program was developed to make living with art accessible to more people,” says Executive Director Lily Siegel. “We hope people will take advantage of the opportunity to bring art into their homes, get to know artists and others who share their interest in building a stronger arts ecosystem where they live.”

What is Kinetic?

Kinetic is an art lending and sales program that supports artists and cultivates the next generation of collectors to create a healthy and sustainable arts ecosystem. Members are given exclusive access to a catalogue of original artworks to borrow or purchase. All proceeds directly benefit the artists and Hamiltonian Artists’ programs.

All artists are paid a participation fee, 50% of rental fees, and 60% of sales. Artists and collectors gain exclusive access to a community interested in sustaining the visual arts in the Washington, DC-area.


Andy Martinelli Clark
Amber Cruz
Kyrae Dawaun
Joey Enríquez
Dan Talib Latif Flounders
Erin Fostel
Isa Gold
Misha Ilin

Wayson R. Jones
Ali Kaeini
Nilou Kazemzadeh
Cecilia Kim
Giulia Livi
Jonna McKone
Caroline Minchew
Hien Kat Nguyen

Danni O’Brien
Katie Peck
Edgar Reyes
Matthew Russo
Tavon Taylor
Eleanor Mahin Thorp
Isabella Whitfield




Opening reception
Saturday, September 30, 7–11pm

Available works