Michael Dax Iacavone

Michael Dax Iacavone is an artist who spends his time investigating public space, walking through cities, driving across bridges and borders, and digging trenches in the desert. He is interested in formulas and creating systems to experience spaces, leave marks, and generate art. He has a BS in Photography from the State University of New York, an MI in Contemporary Art History from Middlesex University in London, an MFA in Photography from VCU, and an MFA in Studio Art from MICA. His work has been exhibited internationally in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Warsaw, Budapest, Paris, Warsaw, London and Pyramiden (a soviet ghost town in the Arctic Circle). Domestically he has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St.Louis, Orlando, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, and Washington, DC, among other places. He has written art reviews and articles for Sculpture Magazine, BMoreArt, and the Brooklynite.