Past Fellow

Yacine Tilala Fall


Yacine Tilala Fall is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist. She received a BFA from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. Using performance, sculpture, painting and natural materials, her work investigates identity, politics, and history through the lens of the body. Her work and practice speaks to the human body and its entangled relationship with the natural environment. A Senegalese heritage and an American upbringing informs her repetitive and labor intensive art practice.

Artist statement

I am a Muslim Senegalese–Mauritanian American. My connection to my ancestry and my culture is what drives my practice and influences my perspective. I am a multidisciplinary artist concerned with the body: the body as means of creation, as material, and as a lens through which my work can be viewed. My work is political and socially conscious because my body, a black body, is inherently political. The manipulation of the body and how its internal intricacies mirror the environment we experience is a theme I continuously investigate. Our natural environment and the environment which we have built are spaces where aggressive, tense, contained and restricted relationships exist. I have developed a similar kind of relationship with my work. I allow it to manipulate my body and vice versa as a way of building a deeper connection to the material and its history.

Past Exhibition (2019)

September 28 – November 2, 2019

Hamiltonian Artists’ annual group exhibition debuts the work of Hamiltonian’s five distinguished 2019–2021 fellows Amber Eve Anderson, Akea Brionne Brown, Tommy Bobo, Yacine Tilala…

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