Past Fellowship program

How to Give an Artist Talk

Fellowship Program

Visiting artist Nekisha Durrett offers an exclusive talk to share artist talk best practices. Each Hamiltonian Artists exhibition involves a corresponding public talk, and this program is helpful for anyone looking to gain insight on artist talk preparation. There will be time set aside for a Q&A and an open forum conversation.


Nekisha Durrett (b. 1976 | Washington, DC) is a mixed-media artist who employs the visual language of mass media to bring forward histories that objects, places, and words embody, but are not often celebrated. Her expansive practice includes public art, social practice, installation, painting, sculpture and design. Through deep research and material investigation, she finds historical traces in the present that are filled with stories easily overlooked. Her work contemplates biases and the unreliability of memory, as information is filtered over time. Durrett illuminates individual and collective histories of Black life and imagination, addressing her own younger self and the stories she wished she had learned.